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Cambodi Oud Attars | Alcohol-Free Perfumes


Oud Cambodi is an alcohol-free perfume. The fragrance of Cambodi Oud Attars begin with high tones before settling into strong notes of Sweetwood. It comprises 100% organic and top quality Agarwood oil, obtained from dense Cambodian Agarwood chips that are more than 100 years old double-level trees. Oud Cambodi perfumes is suitable for unisex that means both male and female can wear it.

Cambodi Oud Attars | Unisex Perfumes

Latafat Cambodi Oud Attars are standard middle-eastern class and alcohol-free perfumes. It’s a fantastic Cambodian Agarwood oil, dense like honey, and Oud Cambodi is among the finest Agarwoody perfumes with a persistent and strong real woody scent. A lovely moment is good to pause forever. It starts with the attractive smell of a complexly designed perfume that is agreeably combined with natural Agarwood and Sweetwood to make Oud Cambodi refreshing and relaxing. When your eyes get closed to visualize the feel, the earthy, musty, and rich woods come in, spiced up to take in the delicious time again. That moment never stops because its sensuality and warmth continue as time flies by unless you open your eyes.


3ml, 6ml, 12ml


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