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Dehnal Oud | Extract Perfume Oil


The production method of Dehnal Oud is unique, and it is one of the most popular perfumes by Latafat London Store, which is liked throughout the world. This magnificent perfume creates a spicy and sweet harmony around the surrounding. This oud is a super long-lasting, smooth, and silky Indian oud with a light animalic core. This oud will wrap perfume fans in a cloud of fragrance because there is a strong reason for its popularity.

Dehnal Oud | Unisex Perfumes

It’s impossible to forget the distinctly identifiable elegance of Dehnal Oud. Many cultures and countries love this oud; its evident attraction is in its unusual, alluring style, which pays tribute to the traditional procedures and fashion of Middle Eastern fragrances. The structure of Dehnal Oud catches the nation’s deep love for Oudh perfume and its dedication to the festivity of the scent. Dehnal Oud Perfume is one of the top-quality natural ouds whose fragrance is powerful and bold, and long-lasting. This oud is packed in an attractive designer bottle, and no doubt it can be a perfect gift for men and women. You need to put a few drops of Latafat¬†Dehnal Oud, and your affection will be unforgettable, dissimilar to other perfumes, which you need to apply again and again for keeping the fragrance.


3ml, 6ml, 12ml


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