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Oud Burmi | Attar Oil


Latafat Oud Burmi Perfume is an attractive oriental oud perfume with a majestic fragrance developed by blending traditional notes and representing a European affair between women and men. This perfume is a part of that specific collection of perfumes that target to catch the fragrance of the most treasured flowers. Its wonder will captivate and fascinate everyone around you. A romantic evening or Date of this Oud Burmi perfume will definitely hypnotize your love. The extraordinary blend of fragrance notes develops an atmosphere of intimacy and affection.

Oud Burmi | Unisex Perfumes

The pure oud oil of Oud Burmi is obtained from the core of the trunk, resinous and dark, which is found in the scarce agar trees of Burma. It is a valuable oud oil that is well mixed and patiently matured to excellence, producing an extreme and well-balanced perfume that impresses the senses. It is made up of woody and animal notes at the base while being polished, sweet, and fruity with traces of almonds and leather. This perfume is a part of the specific collection that targets to catch the fragrance of the most valuable flowers.

Ingredients of Oud Burmi

Top Notes: Woody and Animal notes

Heart Notes: Leather and Almonds

Base Notes: Fruity and Sweet


3ml, 6ml, 12ml


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