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Oudh Wisdom Attar Perfume | Women Perfume


Oudh Wisdom Attar Perfume Lavender, Agarwood

Oudh Wisdom Attar Perfume for Women

The fragrance for treasured moments Oudh Wisdom Attar Perfume is a timeless, powerful, and very feminine scent. It is truly magical unforgettable and is a blend of Vanilla, Agarwood (Oudh), Lavender, Luban (Frankincense) and Lemon. The sweet balsamic fragrance of Honey to bring a soft sweetness,  Oudh Wisdom slowly fades into the deep, striking scent of Agarwood. Treat yourself to the scented, silky feel. 

Fragrance notes are Frankincense (lubaan), Honey and agarwood (Oudh)


3ml, 6ml, 12ml


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